The International Image Festival is an event of electronic arts and digital culture organized by the Visual Design Department at the Universidad de Caldas in Colombia since 1997. This year, the Festival will host ISEA2017, one of the most important symposiums on Electronic Art in the world, and for the first time will be held in a Latin American country.

At the same time, the Festival will be part of selected cultural events in the ’Crusade Season France-Colombia’ initiative, led by the French Institute and the Ministry of Culture.

In this space, you’ll find the reunited programming for the 16th International Image Festival and ISEA 2017. This app enables you to create your own schedule for attending certain events during the Festival.

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Friday, June 16

09:00 GMT-05

09:40 GMT-05

10:20 GMT-05

11:15 GMT-05

14:00 GMT-05

14:30 GMT-05

PAPERS - ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES | Curating/containing: Exhibiting digital art about mental health Auditorio Carlos Náder - Edificio Orlando Sierra - Campus Central - Universidad de CaldasVanessa Bartlett • Lizzie Muller PAPERS - ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES | Domains, Publics and Access. A Wiki In Progress On Access Archaeology Universidad de Caldas Sede Central - Auditorio Humberto Gallego GamboaPaz Sastre PAPERS - ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES | idMirror Auditorio Roberto Vélez - Edificio Orlando Sierra - Campus Central - Universidad de CaldasFloris Erich Arden • Hiroo Iwata • Maša Jazbec PAPERS - ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES | Transmedia as a tool for the reconstruction of collective memory in post-conflict scenarios in Colombia Auditorio Danilo Cruz- Edificio Orlando Sierra - Campus Central - Universidad de CaldasAlba Lucía Cruz Castillo • jesus alejandro guzman ramirez SOUNDBRIDGES | As If I didn’t Sala de MúsicaZeynep Ozcan SOUNDBRIDGES | Dark Path #6 Sala de MúsicaAnna Terzaroli SOUNDBRIDGES | Harmonic Cicada Sala de MúsicaMauricio Rivera SOUNDBRIDGES | Körper Sala de MúsicaAntonio D'Amato SOUNDBRIDGES | Lioso landscape Sala de MúsicaKaterin Pineda Salas SOUNDBRIDGES | Lioso landscape Sala de MúsicaKaterin Pineda Salas SOUNDBRIDGES | LOOPHOLE Sala de MúsicaJulian Jaramillo Arango • Maria Paulina Gutierrez Arango • Oscar Ceballos • Cristian Camilo Quintero Toro • Mario Humberto Valencia SOUNDBRIDGES | ME RÍO Sala de MúsicaMauricio Chica M. SOUNDBRIDGES | Une rencontre Sala de MúsicaAntonio D'Amato

14:55 GMT-05

15:00 GMT-05

15:20 GMT-05

15:45 GMT-05

16:00 GMT-05

16:15 GMT-05

16:30 GMT-05

16:40 GMT-05

16:50 GMT-05

17:00 GMT-05

17:10 GMT-05

17:20 GMT-05

17:30 GMT-05

17:40 GMT-05

17:50 GMT-05

18:00 GMT-05

18:30 GMT-05

19:00 GMT-05

20:00 GMT-05

20:15 GMT-05

20:36 GMT-05

21:00 GMT-05

21:56 GMT-05

22:30 GMT-05

23:00 GMT-05


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