The International Image Festival is an event of electronic arts and digital culture organized by the Visual Design Department at the Universidad de Caldas in Colombia since 1997. This year, the Festival will host ISEA2017, one of the most important symposiums on Electronic Art in the world, and for the first time will be held in a Latin American country.

At the same time, the Festival will be part of selected cultural events in the ’Crusade Season France-Colombia’ initiative, led by the French Institute and the Ministry of Culture.

In this space, you’ll find the reunited programming for the 16th International Image Festival and ISEA 2017. This app enables you to create your own schedule for attending certain events during the Festival.

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Aisel Wicab

Head of educational research
Mexico City
(Ciudad de México, 1985) is a media artist that experiments with illustration, video and DIY machines to create light art, live performances and installations. Co-founded the expanded cinema group Colectivo Luz y Fuerza in 2012 and was part of the international live cinema collective Trinchera Ensamble from 2005 to 2011. Currently heads the area of educational research at Alumnos47 Foundation (non-profit organization that promotes knowledge processes using contemporary art) and she is involved in numerous projects that combine artistic experimentation with disruptive education and radical pedagogies. She has exhibited her work in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Austria, France, Spain and Slovakia, at institutions such as the National Center of Arts, Cineteca Nacional, The Mexico City Museum, The Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico and Argentina, The Agora Quebec in Montreal, The Cinéma La Cleff in Paris, The Sammlung Essl and the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. She has been granted by the Multimedia Center (CENART-INBA) in 2012, the BBVA-Bancomer Foundation in 2009, and PAPIIT-UNAM program from 2007 to 2009.
Sunday, June 11

09:00 GMT-05

20:00 GMT-05

Monday, June 12

08:00 GMT-05

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Tuesday, June 13

11:15 GMT-05

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14:55 GMT-05

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17:30 GMT-05

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21:00 GMT-05

Wednesday, June 14

14:55 GMT-05

17:30 GMT-05

Friday, June 16

17:00 GMT-05