The International Image Festival is an event of electronic arts and digital culture organized by the Visual Design Department at the Universidad de Caldas in Colombia since 1997. This year, the Festival will host ISEA2017, one of the most important symposiums on Electronic Art in the world, and for the first time will be held in a Latin American country.

At the same time, the Festival will be part of selected cultural events in the ’Crusade Season France-Colombia’ initiative, led by the French Institute and the Ministry of Culture.

In this space, you’ll find the reunited programming for the 16th International Image Festival and ISEA 2017. This app enables you to create your own schedule for attending certain events during the Festival.

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Impakt Festival
General Director
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Connecting to themes like Bio-Hacking and Bio-Creation the Impakt Festival will highlight a selection of themes, projects and artists it has recently presented. The presentation focusses on artists that discuss changing definitions of what is natural and human. The projects in the presentation present visions on post-natural environments where technology and the human body have become inseparable. Devoid of technophobia and technofetishism, the artist in this presentation address ethical and philosophical questions raised by contemporary technological developments. By showing the likely and the possible they encourage us to think about the desirable. The presentation will discuss the works of artists like Floris Kaayk (NL), Kurt van Mensvoort (NL), Jeroen van Loon (NL), Agi Haines (GB) and the Critical Art Ensemble (USA).

A presentation by Arjon Dunnewind, general director of Impakt
Tuesday, June 13

15:20 GMT-05

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21:00 GMT-05

Friday, June 16

17:00 GMT-05

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