The International Image Festival is an event of electronic arts and digital culture organized by the Visual Design Department at the Universidad de Caldas in Colombia since 1997. This year, the Festival will host ISEA2017, one of the most important symposiums on Electronic Art in the world, and for the first time will be held in a Latin American country.

At the same time, the Festival will be part of selected cultural events in the ’Crusade Season France-Colombia’ initiative, led by the French Institute and the Ministry of Culture.

In this space, you’ll find the reunited programming for the 16th International Image Festival and ISEA 2017. This app enables you to create your own schedule for attending certain events during the Festival.

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Anatol Bologan

Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas
Anatol Bologan is an artist working in both traditional and digital mediums. His classical training in fine art began at the age of eleven and continued in the Russian Academy of Arts in Sankt-Petersburg and the National University of the Arts in Bucharest where he completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts. After years working in the media industry, he continued his studies at the University of London, Goldsmiths College, completing a Masters of Arts in Image and Communications with a focus on Media Theory, Philosophy and Digital Art. Currently Anatol lectures on traditional and digital arts, graphic and interactive design in the Department of Visualization, College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. His research and recent artwork explores the philosophical concepts of posthuman embodiment with a focus on neuroaesthetics and neuroethics. The current series explores these topics through paintings, sculptures and installations.