The International Image Festival is an event of electronic arts and digital culture organized by the Visual Design Department at the Universidad de Caldas in Colombia since 1997. This year, the Festival will host ISEA2017, one of the most important symposiums on Electronic Art in the world, and for the first time will be held in a Latin American country.

At the same time, the Festival will be part of selected cultural events in the ’Crusade Season France-Colombia’ initiative, led by the French Institute and the Ministry of Culture.

In this space, you’ll find the reunited programming for the 16th International Image Festival and ISEA 2017. This app enables you to create your own schedule for attending certain events during the Festival.

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Daniel Cruz

Universidad de Chile
Academico / Artista Visual
Visual Artist and Professor. MA (UCH), Certificate de Harvestworks, Digital Media Art Center, New York, USA. Now is the coordinator of the MAM / Master in Media Arts, and the Vice Principal of the Visual Arts Department of Faculty of Arts Universidad de Chile. Since 2000 participate in individuals and collective exhibitions in gallerys, museums, cultural institutions and public space in Chile and Foreigns Countries. “GeoObs”(Goethe Institut, Salvador, Bahía, Brasil 2016); “Bloques Erráticos”(Festival Lumen, Punta Arenas, Chile 2016); “Cruces Sonoros” (MAC, Chile 2016); “Imagen Intermedia” (MAC, Chile 2016); “Una imagen llamada palabra”(Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Cerrilllos, Santiago, Chile 2016); “RadioSurófona”(Festival de la Imagen, Colombia 2016); “Océano de 1cm. de profundidad”(MNBA, Chile 2015); “Cadencia Rota”(Intervención Casa Central U. de Chile 2015); “Océano de 1cm. deprofundidad”(MAC, Chile 2015); “Velocidad de escape”(Espacio Fundación Telefónica, 2013);“Apparatus”(MNBA, Museo sin muros, Concepción, 2013); “Continuum”(EAC, Montevideo, Uruguay 2013); “Cuerpo Retratado”(Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, 2011); “Telemática paisaje”(Galería Bech, 2011); “SCL2110”(MAC+GAM+CCPLM 2010); “gifProject”(Espacio Público, Pantalla Led 2007); “S_Edición”(Centro Cultural de España, 2002).
Has received different grants and prizes like Fondart [2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010]; Research Grant DI 2006-2007, Concurso de Creación D.A.V. 2008 y 2016 of the Universidad de Chile, Iniciativa Bicentenario JGM 2014-2015, Fondo de Creación Facultad de Artes, Universidad de Chile 2014 y el Fondo CreArt de la VID Universidad de Chile 2014. In 2015 recive the first prize of the “12o Concurso Internacional a la Creación y Autoría, Juan Downey”. He publish several books: Océano 2016; Obj / Objeto Tecnológico en el Arte Contemporáneo 2015; Tecnologías de Mediación 2015 y Espacios Temporales 2014. More about his projects and research in http://www.masivo.cl

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, June 12

08:00 GMT-05